2018 Issues

January 2018 January 2018

Our 2018 concept home, the reNEWable Living Home built with Meritage Homes, adapts to meet the needs of multiple generations and focuses on health.

February 2018 February 2018

BUILDER looks at creative lending, labor, and land strategies to help small and medium builders keep pace with the publics.

March 2018 March 2018

How builders, architects, and designers find balance between tried-and true floor plans and those that push the envelope.

April 2018 April 2018

A roundup of 110 materials, appliances, finishes, and more that exemplify the latest trends in new-home construction.

May 2018 May 2018

After buying CalAtlantic in the biggest deal of home building history, Stuart Miller and his team at Lennar are positioning the company for success. Plus, we reveal which builders made our Builder 100 List of the top home building firms in the country.

June 2018 June 2018

BUILDER shines a spotlight on the top new home markets for millennial buyers; plus, developers make a splash with man-made waterways that transform landlocked communities into desirable beachfront property.

July 2018 July 2018

In our summer issue, BUILDER showcases five award-winning projects that elevate the design of homes and communities; plus, we look at how public home builders can tap into environmental-focused investors, and offer seven design ideas that can be top selling points and upgrade opportunities.

August 2018 August 2018

BUILDER investigates how builders tackle the square foot pricing equation of how much a home will cost to build. Plus, we look at how to build, sell, and market to Generation X.

September 2018 September 2018

BUILDER showcases eleven Builders' Choice & Custom Home Design Award-winning projects that elevate residential design. Plus, three industry visionaries make up this year's master class of design excellence in the 2018 Marvin Hall of Fame.

October 2018 October 2018

BUILDER takes a dive into the role homebuilding plays in politics, and looks at the top five political issues facing builders now.

November 2018 November 2018

BUILDER's HIVE 50 List honors cutting edge people, organizations, and innovations that strive to improve the future of where and how we live.

December 2018 December 2018

The next generation of building scientists under the age of 40 bring new ideas and fresh ways of thinking to the industry’s biggest challenges.

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