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1Q14 Indianapolis Housing Market Analysis

Metrostudy's first-quarter housing market survey of the Indianapolis region shows growth and stability in the new-home market. More

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25 Multidirectional Maps of 2013

The top Pulse maps we've shared with you this year fall all over the map (see what we did there?). There's no unifying theme to be found among the maps you liked best, except that we all must care about what's going on in other necks of the woods than our own. Check out 2013's 25 most popular maps: From population growth to waist growth, and even vegetable consumption. More

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A Builder's Thousand-Mile Commute

Columbus, Ga., builder Grayhawk Homes has expanded to Des Moines, Iowa. More

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Brick Holds Up as Homeowners' Siding of Choice

New poll finds preferences remain highly regional. More

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Getting in with the Big Boise

Somewhere between the foothills and the farmland, Boise rambles, rolls, and races to the horizon. But, so far, there's nothing stopping this burgeoning capital city's inevitable gold rush. Not the flood of newcomers flocking in for a flourishing job market. Not the waves of investors hunting for homes in its recreation-rich setting. And certainly not the shortage of land. More

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Eliminating Attic Vents

By creating A path for air to move, structural vents are supposed to prevent the... More

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Growth Spurt

In a recent report from the Census Bureau, Georgia was home to five of the fastest-growing counties between 2000 and 2003. Chattahoochee County saw a 30-percent jump in population, while Forsyth, Henry, Newton, and Paulding counties gained more than 20 percent each. More

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Rouse Expands to Houston

The Rouse Co. announced in June that it has acquired 8,060 acres of land in an area 25 miles northwest of Houston for a new master planned community along the lines of its trademark communities in Columbia, Md., and Summerlin, Nev. Preliminary development plans envision the construction of approximately 17,000 single-family residential units with 900 acres set aside for multifamily and commercial use.The Columbia, Md.-based developer reportedly paid $82.9 million for the property, located in Harris County off highway US290 and planned section of the Grand Parkway, Houston's newest beltway, expected to open in 2008. More

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