Burlington-South Burlington, VT

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Natural Beauty

A Vermont house sips energy in a leafy lakeside setting. More

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Improving Markets Index Added Larger Metros in December

While smaller markets continue to dominate the list, December saw an influx of areas with more broad economies. More

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Ports in a Storm

Custom builder Jim Gibson reports no damage to his own business from the turmoil... More

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Game Theory

A certain degree of discomfort accompanies any outdoor sport. More

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Tim Frost

When Tim Frost decided to shift his custom building and remodeling company to the design/build model, he had already been in business for some 13 years, long enough to see the drawbacks in the conventional architect/builder relationship. More

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Simple Green

A house celebrates its rocky terrain. More

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Committee Members

This year in Las Vegas our reporter shadowed a builder to find out what builders... More

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Door Hardware: Should You Go Real or Repro?

Should you go real or repro hardware on your next remodeling job? One manufacturer... More

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