Permits.com, an online platform that provides research tools on building requirements for contractors and DIYers, has partnered with Boxabl to create CodeComply, a permit research and application tool for Boxabl’s accessory dwelling unit products.

Using CodeComply, users can determine whether one of Boxabl’s units can be placed on their property. The tool enables quick research into state and municipal codes and zoning requirements, an easy permit application process, and transparency into permit and inspection results.

"Safe, affordable housing is important. For many, the nuance of local building codes and zoning requirements makes it hard to achieve. Permits.com is uniquely qualified to solve this problem," says Ray Antonino, co-founder and CEO of Permits.com. "Boxabl customers have a trusted resource for knowing whether a Boxabl unit can be placed on their property and getting required permits if they can."

Boxabl’s first ADU offering is the Casita, a 375-square-foot unit with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom that retails for $49,500. The units are constructed from steel, concrete, and EPS foam, and are fire-resistant, hurricane-resistant, and energy-efficient, according to the manufacturer.

"There are so many different building codes and permitting rules in every community. Now, through our partnership with Permits.com, our customers can easily get their code and permit questions answered," says Galiano Tiramani, business development manager at Boxabl. "The Permits.com CodeComply solution makes our customers happy and lightens the load on our end. It lets us focus on doing the best job we can to produce high-quality ADUs."