The list of the world’s top most liveable cities, according the Global Liveability Index, has been released and not one city in the whole United States made the top 10. Vienna, Austria, took the first place spot, while three Canadian cities, Calgary (3), Vancouver (6), and Toronto (7), held places within the top 10. The index compares cities throughout the world in terms of its security, affordability, education, healthcare, urban lifestyle, and infrastructure. Forbes contributor Kenneth Rapoza has more details on the rankings.

The best American city on a global scale was Honolulu.

That doesn't necessarily mean that U.S. cities are getting worse. It just means that other cities on the scale are getting better compared to one another.

Nonetheless, there is a correlation between the types of cities that sit at the very top of the ranking, according to the rankers at The Economist Intelligence Unit. Those that score best tend to be midsize cities in wealthier countries. Several cities in the top 10 also have relatively low population density. Plus they have a number of cultural and recreational activities attractive to residents without having high crime levels and overburdened infrastructure.

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