Although multiple sources say the real estate market has been slowing down,’s Allison Underhill has identified 10 U.S. metropolitan areas where both the number of home sales and prices are expected to jump in 2019. Check out the real estate website’s analysis and list of up-and-coming cities below.

Nationally, we're predicting the number of overall home sales to decrease by 2%, after years of steady climbs. Meanwhile, prices, which have been steadily zooming up over the past few years, will rise only by a paltry 2.2%—thanks to already meteoric prices in many parts of the country, along with the rising mortgage interest rates and tax changes pricing more buyers out of the market.

So what's cushioning next year's overachiever metros from this type of deceleration? They all have extremely strong economies and hordes of new residents moving in, and most are relatively affordable. That makes them attractive to West Coast and some Northeastern denizens fleeing shockingly high home prices, taxes, and costs of living. Retirees are trekking south to warmer—and cheaper—climates. And transplants and career seekers are chasing booming areas with plenty of job growth.

So what are the real estate markets that will rule 2019?

1. Lakeland, Fla.
2. Grand Rapids, Mich.
3. El Paso, Texas
4. Chattanooga, Tenn.
5. Phoenix
6. Bridgeport, Conn.
7. Las Vegas
8. Boise City, Idaho
9. Miami
10. Boston

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