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SmartAsset went looking for the most "livable" cities and came back with a list that shows smaller is generally better when it comes to ease, and safety, of navigation.

To rank the most livable cities in America, SmartAsset took a look at seven factors. Specifically, we looked at walkability, violent crime rate, property crime rate, population density, disposable income, housing cost-burdened rate and unemployment rate. Check out our data and methodology below to see where we got our data and how we put it together to create our final rankings.

Key Findings

  • Phoenix metro area has the right ingredients – Three different cities within the Phoenix metro area cracked the top 10. Gilbert, Chandler and Scottsdale are all very safe cities with good job prospects. Those cities may not be for everyone, though. Each of them leaves something to be desired in walkability.
  • Broad mix of cities – From Arlington on the East Coast to Fremont on the West Coast, this livability study shows that each region has at least a few very livable cities to choose from.
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