Home plan 1836, starting at just under $225K.

Rags to riches, two chickens in every pot, baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and a Chevy at the levee are some of many symbols of the American Dream, but SmartAsset three years ago set out to quantify it. Here's it's 2018 findings:

In order to rank the best places for living the American Dream, we looked at data on five metrics. Specifically we looked at the home-ownership rate, diversity rate, upward mobility rate, median home value and unemployment rate.

Key Findings
The dream endures – Six of last year’s top 10 found themselves in the top 10 again this year. Those repeat cities are: West Valley City, Utah; Midland, Texas; Aurora Illinois; Round Rock, Texas; Aurora, Colorado and Rochester, Minnesota.
Texas is where the dream lives – Half of the cities in our top 10 are located in Texas. Cities in Texas tend to have affordable homes and plenty of good jobs, driving down the unemployment rate and improving upward economic mobility.
This is the 2018 edition of this study. Check out the 2017 version here.

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