The baby boom is big. Throughout its lifecycle, it has spawned trends in politics, art, technology, and particularly the economy. When something that big starts stopping what it's doing, someone else has to start doing what is being stopped. Does that make sense? KMSP reports:

Construction will help account for one-third of all new jobs through 2022, but a shortage of workers is causing concern across the country as Baby Boomers retire.

"When we have general contractors that ask us to bid more work for them and we have to say no we can’t because we don’t have people to do it,” said Ben Boomer, president of Twin City Hardware in Oakdale, Minnesota. "That’s a hard thing to swallow."

"Just about every industry is being affected in some way and everybody is clamoring for fish in the pond to catch," said Peter Hilger, a construction and facility management professor at the University of Minnesota.

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