Toomsboro, Georgia.

Looking for a town to buy? Have your own private zip code? Cut hair and get your hair cut simultaneously? Then this place is for you. NBC New York reports:

The entire town of Toomsboro, Georgia, is currently on sale for $1.7 million -- a price tag similar to that of many luxury apartments in New York City.

Sure, the NYC real estate market may offer perks like private rooftop patios or views of the Metropolitan Opera. But in Toomsboro, owners will have access to their very own fully-equipped opera house.

Toomsboro encompasses over 40 acres of land and 36 parcels of property, according to its page on Craigslist. In addition to houses, the town comes complete with a restaurant, syrup mill, cotton warehouse, bank, historic inn, railroad depot, school house, barbershop and more.

Actually, the Craigslist post has been taken down, but there is a website. The town is located about 15 miles east of Macon.

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