A shortage of workers and a surfeit of rain have conspired to cause a slowdown in new-home construction in Richmond, Virginia. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports:

“It really has been a struggle this year,” said Burnette, president of the Richmond division of Schell Bros., a high-end builder based in Rehoboth Beach, Del.

“There is no doubt that the weather has played a huge factor. We have more homes in backlog right now that are held up because of site delays. Developers are behind schedule,” Burnette said.

Then on top of that, he said, he and other area builders simply don’t have the manpower to build homes. Skilled construction workers including home framers, masons and carpenters as well as mechanical workers like plumbers or electricians are in high demand.

“Sometimes you have to wait several days between activities that you normally would go directly to doing, like from foundation to framing. You have to wait for the crew to become available ... and that is causing a trickle-down effect across the board,” said Kevin McNulty, president of Chesterfield County-based LifeStyle Home Builders.

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