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Rising home prices are an issue for every generation, but millennials are taking an ever harder hit by carrying student loan debt. With higher housing costs in California and other West Coast cities, Money suggests the younger generations should look into moving to a few Texas cities. They report Austin, Texas, is the easiest place for millennials to save for a home, where it takes two less years, compared to the average 7.2 years, to save for a 20% down payment. San Antonio comes in second and Dallas in third.

If you’re not a fan of Texas, however, you do have other options like Indianapolis, where it takes six months. Another solid option for young buyers is Ohio. In Cincinnati, down payments only take three extra months to save up for, and just four months in Cleveland.

On the other end of the spectrum, Millennials now struggle the most in California, where in some places it takes a decade or more to save for a home than it did in 1988. San Jose, Calif., where the rise of the tech industry has caused home values to skyrocket, came out at the top of list, with the study estimating it now takes 13.3 years longer to save. Los Angeles was second, where it takes 9.5 years longer, and in San Francisco and San Diego it now takes 8.5 and 7.3 years, respectively.

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