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Is the mid-size city making a comeback? A new book The Next American City by Mick Cornett, and Jayson White says it is. Many cities like Oklahoma City, Boise, Fort Collins, Madison, and Fayetteville have grown over 10% in a half-decade. A new book looks at many of the reasons for the migration to mid-sized cities.

Below is an adapted excerpt from the book:

Why are formerly forgettable cities finding a new footing in the global economy and attracting new residents by the thousands? For a new reason and an old one.

The new reason: In an increasingly digital and global economy, talented and ambitious people have a choice. They no longer need to move to one of a few centers of power to pursue their life's work.

The old reason: Americans vote with their feet. We need livability. Affordability. Balance in our lives. Americans want to take big risks and dream about the future—but we want to succeed in places we can afford to fail.

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