Red states, blue states, purple states: Not surprisingly, where one falls on the policial spectrum depends largely on where one lives. set out to find why this is

Just when it seems the country couldn't get any more divided, along comes the most raucous, drag-down, incendiary midterm election cycle in at least a generation, maybe ever. Two political parties? At times it feels like two nations. We wanted to know: Where do these deep divisions come from? And how much of a role does something as fundamental as housing play in the great red versus blue debate?

A very big one, as it turns out.

Let others debate immigration policies, tax reform bills, and presidential temperaments. No,® took a deep dive into the nation's real estate—analyzing all aspects of housing and demographic data in the counties that President Donald Trump and Democratic contender Hillary Clinton each won in 2016—to shed a brighter light on just how we got here as a nation. And where we're going next.

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