Never has so much press been devoted to coverage of a mostly insignificant real estate transaction. Yes, there's more on the sale of the "Brady Bunch" house, and this probably won't be the end of it, because you just know a TV show and all the requisite publicity that goes with it are on the way. But here's Forbes with the inside story of how the deal went down.

What no one predicted was all the national attention the home received when it was put up for sale. The biggest surprise? How many buyers were willing to pay a significant premium for a home that “starred” in the top-rated TV sitcom.

Within days of the first showing, the sellers — the real-life McCallister family — received multiple offers above the listing price, including one from Lance Bass, a member of the boy band NSYNC. Bass very much wanted the home, competing head to head with HGTV.

The deal went down quickly, with HGTV landing the trophy property with the winning bid of $3.5 million. HGTV came out of the gate strong with an initial offer in the mid-$2 million range. “As soon as the home came on the market, HGTV wanted it. We created a war room, strategizing on the best approach to get the property. I worked directly with Marc Graboff, president, global and legal affairs at Discovery Inc. [which owns HGTV], and the law firm of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher,” said Danny Brown, real estate agent and partner at The Agency in Beverly Hills.

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