Recipe for a toxic cocktail: Rogue bulldozer operator, faulty communications and trees. However, it appears that all is going to be okay for D.R. Horton, which found itself in the unfortunate circumstance described above. reports:

The company over-cleared over 60,000 square feet, resulting in the destruction of numerous trees.

"They had a bulldozer operator who didn't know where to bulldoze and didn't get clear instructions from their team," said Fort Worth Director of Planning and Development Randle Harwood.

D.R. Horton and the city have now entered into a formal settlement. Terms of the agreement include replacement of a tree canopy the company over-cleared, and additional planting equal to five times the canopy removed illegally (total additional planting of 365,112 square feet).

“Reaching a settlement agreement with D.R. Horton is a step in the right direction in mitigating the loss of trees. D.R. Horton made an honest mistake and are taking steps to remedy that mistake," Harwood said, noting that, along with the 5-1 tree planting ratio, a 1.4 acre loss of canopy will be replaced with 8.4 acres of canopy on site and on public property near the Trinity Oaks project.

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