The average size of homes in Las Vegas has tripled since 1910. That’s the most drastic jump of the country’s major metros, but a few cities aren’t far behind.

A new analysis from Property Shark looked at data for properties across 32 of the nation’s largest metros and found that the average size of the American home has increased by 74% over the past century. A typical American now live in a 2,430-square-foot home, which is about 1,000 square feet bigger than in 1910.

You’d think the increase in home size comes from the growth of households, but it turns out households have been getting smaller over the same time span—the average number of people in a household is 2.58, compared to 4.54 in 1910.

Interactive courtesy of Property Shark

In some markets, the increase is more drastic than average as home sizes today continue to skyrocket. Four cities rank above the national median for home size when looking at homes built since 2010. Orlando tops the list with an average home size over the past six years of 2,988 square feet. San Antonio is close behind with 2,947 square feet, along with Nashville at 2,678 square feet and Dallas with 2,613 square feet.

Texas is known for spurring the McMansion movement. The state has some of the largest homes in the nation, and the houses in San Antonio and Dallas are twice as large as they were a century ago.

But the two most dramatic increases were seen in Las Vegas, which had an average home size of 800 square feet in 1910, but now spans a little over 2,400 square feet, or 191% more than 100 years ago. San Diego’s home size jumped by 124% after a surge of newly built homes popped up in the 1990s.

A few cities actually saw a decrease in home size over the last 100 years. Four cities saw shrinkage—San Francisco (-28%), Miami (-25%), Washington, D.C. (-14%) and New York (-11%)—potentially due to the increase in urban density and upward trend for micro units. Miami’s home size has decreased due to the surge of luxury condos, which has driven prices up and living space down.

Boston homes only increased in size by 90 square feet (11%) to 909 square feet, making it the city with the smallest homes in the nation.

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