Modular home building has been around for decades, and it suffers from a reputation for lack of quality earned in the early years of the business. That has changed, and builders are taking note, with many adopting panelized construction, even in custom home building, and others looking at the benefits of going modular. 7News in Aurora, Colorado reports:

Developer Adam Berger is currently working on a duplex project in Aurora on North Alton Street with completion set in a few weeks, leaving the total time for construction at around two months.

"Part of the reason why we can do it so quickly is because essentially everything in the unit is finished,” said Berger.

The home segments are built out of state with surfaces in place and shipped in to install on site. A crane lifts the modulars up and puts them in place for workers to make connections to the foundation.

“The cabinets, countertops, bathrooms, the tile work in the bathrooms is completed,” said Berger. “It’s essentially fully complete when it is delivered, so all we are really doing is connecting the units together.”

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