For years, California has been losing more residents than it gains from other states, but the outflow of people has accelerated lately, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Jim Carlton. Whether homeowners are escaping long commutes, bills, or a high-priced housing market, people are flocking to neighboring West Coast states, including Nevada, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. Carlton reports among those locations Henderson, Nev., has seen a 20% population surge in the last decade, pushing it past Reno, Nev., and becoming the state’s second most populous city.

Fifty-six percent of new arrivals in Henderson between 2013 and 2017 were from California, according to Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles data. Home sales in many of the city’s master-planned communities have been dominated by migrants from the West.

At the 1,300-acre MacDonald Highlands in the dusty bluffs overlooking Las Vegas, Californians accounted for about 70% of purchases in 2018, compared with 30% 20 years ago, said Rich MacDonald, the developer. He said he began increasing the share of his marketing targeting Californians over the past three years after seeing the run-up in housing costs there.

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