Land developer River Islands Development, a subsidiary of The Cambay Group, is preparing the second phase of development for its River Islands located south of the San Joaquin River in Lathrop, California

River Islands’ first phase, approved a decade ago, called for 4,284 new homes out of the 11,000 homes approved for the entire master plan. More than 800 families already live in the community. According to River Islands Development’s proposal, this phase will add an additional 1,080 single-family units and 100 multifamily units.

Within the next five years, River Islands – which is already a contributing factor in the South County being named one of the hottest development markets in the region – could become even more of a draw.

Last week the San Joaquin and Tri-Valley Regional Rail Commissions held a meeting at Lathrop City Hall detailing future plans for expansions of spur lines that will provide ACE access to points of the valley not currently serviced by the commuter railway.

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