The Nampa, Idaho City Council approved an increase in impact fees on new construction this week, raising the cost paid by developers to $3,678 per new home and $2,629 per new apartment, effective in July. For single family home builders, this marks more than double the previous cost of impact fees on new homes.

Over the next decade, Nampa is expected to spend $256 million on capital investments. The city is expected to absorb 20,000 more residents, 10,000 new residential units and 4 million square feet of new commercial and industrial development.

The increases to impact fees are meant to force those who bring the growth — developers — to shoulder more of the cost of their effects on city services. But developers say that the fees are just passed onto buyers.

Bryan Wright, owner of Intermountain West Homes, a Nampa home builder, previously told the Statesman that impact fees unfairly place a burden on new residents. “We’re working hard to get affordable housing,” Wright said. “The impact fees affect that in the long run.”

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