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When asked about top community features, millennials ranked park areas No. 1, according to the “What Home Buyers Really Want” report by the NAHB. Twenty-four percent say a park area is an essential/must-have and 47% say it’s desirable. Another outdoor activity space, walking/jogging trails, took second place, while the outdoor theme pops up again in the third and fifth spots with playgrounds and swimming pools, respectively.

Another theme that emerges in the top ten is accessibility. For example, 66 percent of millennials want to be located ‘near retail space (grocery, drug stores, etc.)’, the third most-wanted feature on the list; 64 percent want a ‘walkable community (with walkways connecting homes, shopping, public spaces and transportation)’, and 54 percent want access to public transportation.

Rounding out the top ten community features wanted by millennials includes a community that is ‘typically suburban (all-single-family detaches houses)’ (60 percent want this), an outdoor maintenance service (52 percent want this), and a community that is ‘gated to control access’ (another 52 percent want this).

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