According to Metro, a regional governing agency that covers the greater Portland, Oregon area, the Metro Council has voted unanimously to approve urban growth boundary expansions in four of the region’s cities - Hillsboro, Beaverton, Wilsonville, and King City.

This opens up a total of 2,181 acres to new home development. Over the next 20 years, at least 9,200 new homes could be built in these areas.

The Metro Council is required by law to ensure the greater Portland region has enough land in the urban growth boundary for 20 years of growth – so that even if the boundary weren’t expanded, all of the population growth between now and 2038 could be accommodated within the existing urban growth boundary.

Wilsonville was granted a 271-acre expansion that will add at least 1,325 homes to the city’s northeastern edge. Hillsboro’s 150-acre expansion near Witch Hazel Road will add at least another 850. And Beaverton’s 1,232-acre expansion on the southwest side of Cooper Mountain will see at least 3,760 new units of housing.

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