Aerial view above California aqueduct running through almond plantations and cultivated fields, drone shoot of farmland landscape Adobe Stock / Omid

Tejon Centennial, a development plan that would add 19,333 new housing units on 12,000 acres on the northern edge of Los Angeles County, is set to come before the county’s Regional Planning Commission for possible final consideration on Wednesday.

The community site, located on the 270,000-acre Tejon Ranch plot, is 70 miles north of downtown Los Angeles. The plan calls for single-family, multi-family and apartment units, as well as ten million square feet of commercial, business and civic space, open space and public parks. Tejon Ranch’s executives estimate single-family homes on the site will cost $425,000 to $550,000. Planning documents say the project is expected to create at least one new job per dwelling unit.

While Tejon Ranch has agreed to set aside 90% of its holdings as a permanent nature preserve, some groups oppose the project’s destructive potential for the environment. Others point out the “infeasibility” of extending rail service from nearby urban centers out to Centennial, which would increase traffic, drive times and greenhouse gas emissions.

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