The first phase of infrastructure development is underway at the Silver Ranch master-planned community, which will cover more than 1,100 acres in the North East part of Bismarck, North Dakota.

The Silver Ranch community is expected to be twice the size of the city of Lincoln, with 22 miles of new streets and 2,800 new homes at full buildout. The community will include walking paths, parks, mixed-use commercial development, and a community center, as well as a potential new school. The project is expected to bring in approximately $1 billion in tax revenue, including $45 million in sales tax.

"We got a lot of jobs for contractors, roofers, framers, flat workers. So you get the upfront good economic boost with that. On the back side it’s providing housing and if you take a look at that now we have a pretty strapped housing market,” says Steve Bakken, mayor of Bismarck.

Chad Wachter, developer and president of InvestCore Inc., predict that Silver Ranch will be built out over the next 30 to 43 years. The first phase, which includes grading streets and sewer and water connections, is expected to be finished by this winter.

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