Dutch construction company Van Wijnen and researchers from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands are planning to create the world’s first commercially-developed 3D printed home community in the city of Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Construction on the first home is set to begin this year in Eindhoven’s Bosrijk neighborhood, with five houses set to be available to rent in 2019. According to the project website, 20 families have already expressed interest in the community.

The developers plan to learn from and improve the building process over time, starting with one one-story home and ending with three additional two story-homes and one three-story home.

The “printer” in this case is a big robotic arm that will shape cement of a light, whipped-cream consistency, based on an architect’s design. The cement is layered for strength.

The project developers say that the consistency of this concrete and the precision of the printer will make it possible to mix and use only as much cement as is needed, which makes it environmentally-friendly and less expensive than classic construction methods. The printer and unique cement will also allow them to create unusual forms that challenge conventional notions of home design.

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