A family housing expansion concept created by architect Eugene Lew would, if enacted, create up to 10,000 new housing units for middle-income families on San Francisco’s transit corridors and some existing residential areas.

Inspired by Parisian neighborhoods, Domiciles in the City, or “Dom-i-city,” would create 15 new family-friendly for-sale units on the footprint of three existing single-family homes. The creation of these six-story buildings would require relaxing the strict height limits in some of San Francisco’s neighborhoods.

Infill land could be used where available, but in order to meet the 10,000 unit mark, the program will offer free housing units to any three contiguous landowners who agree to swap their land for the new building. Of the remaining units, seven would be sold at rates affordable to middle-income families and five would be sold at market rate.

So far the concept has garnered the approval of several state and local officials. “Dom-i-city is bold and innovative,” said Assemblymember David Chiu, chair of the state assembly’s housing committee. “It’s an example of the kind of ideas we’ll need to solve our housing crisis, if we’re going to retain working families and seniors in San Francisco.”

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