Each of the KB Home ProjeKt’s partners and sponsors has contributed cutting-edge products and services to its success. From smart monitor systems to highly efficient construction processes, each is a vital piece of a sustainable whole-home system.

Here are a few of the products that make up the home's structure and envelope. Click here for interior appliances and finishes, and here to learn about the whole-home smart system:


The AeroBarrier system uses an aerosolized sealant solution to eliminate any cracks or holes in a building’s envelope, even those not visible to the eye. The system can be used to meet LEED, ZERH, and passive house requirements, as well as the 2015 IECC or better. Users may adjust the application process in real time to achieve the results desired.

AeroBarrier’s waterborne acrylic sealant is Greenguard Gold certified, low-VOC, and tested to meet various ASTM standards for fire spread, smoke production, antifungal properties, and tensile strength. It is ideally applied at rough-in or post-drywall, and is third-party certified to withstand a 50-year durability test. aerobarrier.net

Air King

The QuFRESH by Air King Fresh Air Machine provides a constant supply of fresh air from outside the home, allowing builders to meet requirements for residential fresh airflow. Installers can set the precise airflow desired from 40 to 120 cfm for the unit’s quiet, energy-efficient fan system, and adjust intake levels for outside humidity and temperature. This prevents the introduction of outdoor air that is too humid or dry, or too hot or cold.

The unit may be mounted at any convenient point in the home, such as the attic, garage, or laundry room, with the proper duct and power connections. It is ASHRAE 62.2 compliant, as well as HVI Certified and ETL listed. airkinglimited.com


The KB Home ProjeKt exterior incorporates both lap and panel fiber cement siding by Allura, as well as exterior trimboards and soffits. The architectural panels are made from a blend of cement, recycled content, and cellulose fiber; carry a Class A fire rating; and require no caulk for installation. The panels’ clean, symmetrical dividing lines are designed to provide a modern look, the firm says.

The product is available in 25 colors, and texture options include smooth, stucco, and seamless or grooved cedar grain. All of Allura’s fiber cement products are designed and tested to resist damage from hail, termites, UV rays, moisture, rot, and fire damage. allurausa.com


The Toshiba Carrier single-phase VRF heat pump can connect and control up to nine ducted or ductless indoor HVAC units, providing individualized heating and cooling output for each unit. The model offers up to 21.5 SEER of cooling efficiency, with a cooling operating range of 23 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and up to 11.5 HSPF of heating efficiency with a heating operating range of -13 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Its piping length, up to 591 feet, allows for greater flexibility with outdoor unit locations. The KB Home ProjeKt features a 5-ton model, with a cooling/heating capacity of 60,000-66,000 BTU/h. carrier.com


The KB Home ProjeKt’s bedrooms feature CertainTeed’s SilentFX Quick Cut noise-reducing drywall, which utilizes a viscoelastic polymer set between two dense gypsum cores to reduce airborne sound transmission by up to 90%. The boards also incorporate CertainTeed’s M2Tech technology, which allows them to resist moisture penetration and mold growth, preventing future air quality issues in the home. The Quick Cut formulation allows for easy score and snap installation. certainteed.com


Entekra’s FIOSS – Fully Integrated Off-Site Solution – is an off-site building system used to fabricate the KB Home ProjeKt’s shell in a factory environment. This process allows for more efficient on-site assembly, with less material waste and a reduced need for skilled labor compared to traditional processes. The system has no design constraints, and can incorporate any client-specified materials. The KB Home ProjeKt’s exterior and interior wall panels were composed of laminated strand lumber, while parallel strand lumber was used for its beams. Its sheathing and insulation were also factory-fitted before on-site assembly. entekra.com

Fortress Building Products

The home’s spa deck incorporates the Evolution Steel Deck Framing as its base structure and Infinity Decking as its surface. The Evolution Framing system is constructed from straight, uniform light-gauge steel, which will not twist, warp, rock, crack, or burn like wood. The pieces are cut and shaped like familiar wood framing pieces, and its interlocking joist-and-ledger system requires less labor for installation. It is compatible with any brand or type of deck boards, including hardwoods and composites.

Infinity Decking, shown here with the dark brown Tiger Cove finish, is composed of a co-extruded mixture of bamboo flour and polyethylene pellets. Its engineered cap is mold, moisture and stain-resistant, and requires little maintenance over the life of the deck. fortressdeck.com

Greyter Water Systems

The Greyter HOME, winner of the Best New Green Building Product Award at the 2017 International Builders’ Show, aims to reduce indoor residential water consumption by up to 25% by capturing and recycling shower and bath water for use in toilet flushing. One Greyter HOME unit is capable of accommodating 100% of toilet-flushing demand for a family of four. The unit delivers water quality output designed to meet emerging North American standards, and uses only 200 Kw/h of energy annually. All of its filters are self-cleaning, with only limited maintenance required each year. greyter.com

Huber Engineered Woods

AdvanTech Subfloor Adhesive is a foam-to-gel polyurethane adhesive that expands to fill minor gaps, reducing the likelihood of squeaks. The formula helps create a solid, firmly bonded surface that consistently performs two to five times above ASTM requirements. When the adhesive is used with engineered joists and AdvanTech subfloor panels, the company offers a 10-year squeak-free guarantee on the panel-to-joist connection. One can yields 400 linear feet and the adhesive is formulated to stick to wet and frozen structural subfloor panels and joists. huberwood.com


Icynene Classic Ultra open cell spray foam insulation may be applied as an insulator and air barrier in walls, floors, ceilings, roofs, attics, and crawlspaces. It features up to 30% improved cohesion over its previous iteration, offers an R-value of 3.7 per inch, and carries a sound resistance (STC) rating of 37 and higher. The polyurethane insulating material is ignition barrier-free, suitable for use in residential unvented attics, and is not considered a food source for pests, according to the manufacturer. It is Greenguard Gold certified, and emits very low VOCs. icynene.com

Kingspan Insulation

Kingspan’s Kooltherm insulation board is a rigid thermoset, fiber-free phenolic insulant manufactured with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) blowing agent. The board’s closed-cell structure resists moisture and water vapor penetration. It is fire-resistant, unaffected by air infiltration, and does not produce irritants during installation. The product features an R-value of 16 on 2 inches. Kooltherm product types include a cavity board, soffit board, framing board, rainscreen board, concrete sandwich board, and insulated cavity closers, as well as sealing tape for aluminum-faced insulations. kingspan.com


The Hardy Frame wall system aims to maximize window and door openings throughout a home without compromising the structural integrity. Specifically, the system is a pre-fabricated shear wall that adds strength, stiffness, and ductility, according to the manufacturer. Panels come in widths of 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, and 24 inches, with the 9-inch through 18-inch widths as a one-piece C-section that is enclosed at the top and bottom with channels. The bottom channel has a wide plate washer built in that extends the width of the panel, while the top channel has a screw hole pattern, which facilitates attachment. hardyframe.com

Ply Gem

Ply Gem’s Pro Series collection includes its 200 single-hung, 200 sliding, and 700 casement windows. Each boast maintenance-free, multi-chamber PVC construction with fusion-welded corners for durability and weather-tight performance, according to the manufacturer. Continuous weatherstripping and dual-cam, action-sash locks provide security and seal out weather elements.

The new HP2+SC glass package is optimized for warmer climates. It combines dual low-E glass with argon gas fill and features solar cooling glass with an additional interior low-E to enhance thermal performance and solar control. Three interior and three exterior colors are available for each of the window types in the collection. plygem.com


Rheem’s Prestige Series hybrid electric water heater delivers hot water faster than most standard electric water heaters, says the company. Available in 50, 65, and 80-gallon capacities, the heater features 67-gallon first-hour delivery (FHD) for the 50-gallon model, 75-gallon FHD for the 65-gallon model, and 89-gallon FHD for the 80-gallon model. The Prestige series is also EcoNet enabled, allowing users to access the WiFi-connected technology for system monitoring, customizable temperatures, vacation settings, and energy savings. Other features include quick access to the electrical junction box and a LCD screen with built-in water sensor alert and audible alarm. rheem.com

Therma-Tru Corp

Entry door manufacturer Therma-Tru has pioneered a line of doors using fiberglass and satin-etch glass panels for either contemporary or modern appeal. The Pulse Ari door, used as the main entry door in the KB Home ProjeKt, welcomes natural light into the home with its four glass panels, while maintaining privacy with its fine-textured translucent design. According to Therma-Tru, the company’s fiberglass doors are designed to insulate against cold and heat with a polyurethane foam core that offers up to four times the insulating R-value of wood doors. The doors are available in EnLiten flush-glazed designs with glass built directly into the door and a dual adhesive weatherseal. thermatru.com


Uponor’s AquaPEX Logic plumbing system features flexible, durable crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) pipe and innovative multiport tees to provide faster hot-water delivery with fewer connections. PEX resists corrosion, pitting, and scaling, the firm says, and can expand up to three times its original diameter, making it the most freeze-resistant piping available. The product also has no scrap value, which eliminates jobsite theft concerns, and is approved for continuous hot-water recirculation. uponor-usa.com

Wayne Dalton

Classic Steel Collection garage doors are constructed with performance and affordability in mind. Specifically, Model 9605 is made with three-layer construction and has a polyurethane foamed-in-place insulated core, which improves thermal efficiency, blocks street noise, and allows the door to operate quietly. Other features include integrated struts for rigidity and strength, pinch-resistant panels, and the TorqueMaster Plus, a counterbalance system that safely contains springs inside a steel tube. The doors come in five classic and contemporary panel designs, along with a wide range of window and finish options. wayne-dalton.com

Western Window Systems

Western Window Systems has reinvented its Series 7950 aluminum bi-fold door for architects and builders who want to incorporate indoor-outdoor living in areas with varying weather conditions. The all-climate coated glass from Cardinal IG delivers solar control and high visibility, according to the manufacturer, and carries a design pressure rating of 50. Sealed stainless steel ball-bearing rollers make the bi-fold door easy to operate, while a single track minimizes wall depth. To secure its folding panels, the door includes a hidden stainless steel multi-point lock for additional strength and protection. westernwindowsystems.com


Wood product manufacturer Weyerhaeuser developed its Parallam PSL beams to add strength and reliability to building structures. The beams are engineered to support heavy loads and span long distances, giving builders more design options to create open, spacious floor plans. Weyerhaeuser uses a patented microwave process to bond together long, thin strands of wood. This parallel-strand construction gives the product appealing aesthetics and when sanded and stained, the beams can be used as a design element. In the KB Home ProjeKt, Parallam beams were left exposed in the interior of the home, highlighting their distinctive appearance and texture. weyerhaeuser.com

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