Infrastructure Imperative

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Poor Productivity Carries a Monstrous Price Tag

Roughly $1.6 trillion of additional value-added could be created through higher... More

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What It Takes to Withstand Mother Nature

Assessing vulnerabilities and financial planning before disaster strikes is as... More

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Regulatory Rescue

If the vision becomes reality, President Donald Trump’s executive orders will... More

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The Durability Debate

An entirely new engineering discipline will rise out of the current confusion over... More

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Hey, Look Over There! It’s Your Augmented Reality Building Out in the Parking Lot

Smart City accelerator fires the most revolutionary, futuristic ideas like a... More

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U.S. Can’t Afford to Be an Infrastructure Dropout

The price tag to raise America’s grade is more than $2 trillion, but American... More

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What Does 100-Year Service Life Really Mean? Right Now, It’s Anybody’s Guess.

In the absence of consensus-based standards, are we unwittingly engaged in mass... More

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Debt Could Freeze Infrastructure’s ‘Primed Pump’

Is debt a subject Americans find too painful to talk about, or is it a case of... More

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