While building green has very intuitive environmental benefits, there are other consequences that could boost labor and save billions of dollars. This recent report from Australia walks through the opportunities and the need for government to engage to make them a reality.

When most people think of climate change, they think of the potential dangers: higher temperatures, rising sea levels and ferocious storms. They don’t think of a potential massive economic boost – but that’s just what Australia’s building sector has within reach, if only we can persuade governments to take the necessary steps to get there.

Climate change represents just that – change in the way we do things. With change comes opportunity.

ASBEC’s new report, Low Carbon, High Performance, contains detailed economic modelling by ClimateWorks showing how reducing emissions in the building sector will save money, grow jobs and improve quality of life for all Australians.

At last year’s Paris climate talks, Australia signed up to meet some ambitious climate targets. We’re going to have to reduce our overall emissions substantially to meet them. Only the building sector can help us get there in time.

Buildings produce almost a quarter of Australia’s emissions, but unlike the transport or aviation sectors, we already have the technology to massively reduce building emissions.

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