Adobe Stock/Matej Kastelic

In an effort to boost investment in the electric-car infrastructure in the U.K., new homes within the country will soon be required to have charge points for electric vehicles, according to the government’s Road to Zero report. A current lack of charging ports is seen as one of the main reasons electric cars have not been adopted, which can limit how far the vehicle can travel. With the government attempting to push to end the sale of cars fueled by gasoline, Bloomberg reporters John Ainger and Anna Hirtenstein say the country will also provide a $531 million fund to companies that produce and install charging stations.

“It is our intention that all new homes, where appropriate, should have a charge point available,” it said. “We plan to consult as soon as possible on introducing a requirement for charge point infrastructure for new dwellings in England.”

The government will also take powers through the “Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill” to ensure that charging points are available at freeway service stations and large gas retailers, according to a statement. A consultation on ensuring new houses built in England are electric vehicle ready will also begin as soon as possible, it said.

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