Dezeen's James Brillon shares a look at Peconic House—a 4,000-square-foot residence located on a five-acre plot of land overlooking Peconic Bay near the Hamptons.

New York City firm Mapos has nestled the grass-topped vacation home into a a lush hill overlooking a Long Island bay, covering it in untreated wood, steel and concrete to match the surroundings.

Peconic House is designed for a family, the long and slender property is set at the top of a hill. The building runs from east-west to follow the site's slope, so that it almost appears to emerge from the ground. Also embedded into the plot is a stepped terrace, which overlooks the water at the front and ends at an infinity pool. Peconic House's roof is covered in shrubbery to match the green tones of surrounding grass and trees. Continuing this aim to blend the house into its surroundings, Maposchose an earthy palette for the exterior.

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