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The year 2033 is a mere 14 years away, however, leading technologists and future experts share thoughts about what it will look like. Their mind bending ideas take us from today through a light speed tunnel to the future - is it really possible all of this is just 14 years away?

Put yourself back in 1993. Could you have predicted the success of the web, tablets and smartphones, privatized space travel, the rise of terrorism, or the myriad of small changes that impact how you live today? To do that going forward and to predict our world in 2033, you need the voices of the smartest minds on the planet to spot trends in their areas of discipline and give us insight into where we are heading. Interviewed, and quoted directly for this piece are just such a group of visionaries, leaders, and big thinkers like:

  • Ray Kurzweil on Technology
  • Robert Kaplan on Global Conflict
  • Khan Academy on Education
  • Virgin Galactic on Space Travel
  • Oliver Bussmann on The Global Workforce
  • John Allen on Religion
  • Dr. Gene Robinson on Global Climate, and
  • Bonus insights from an aspiring leader

Whether you just read your favorite author, research your area of interest, download the supplemental deck, or view them all together, you will see that these visionaries agree on two things: there will be change - sometime dramatic change - in our future, and there is . . . hope.

On Technology: Ray Kurzweil

"20 years from now, biotechnology – reprogramming biology as an information process – will be in a mature phase. We will routinely turn off genes that promote disease and aging such as the fat insulin receptor gene that tells the fat cells to hold onto excess fat. We will be able to add genes that protect us from diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Major killers such as these will be under control. We will be growing new organs from stem cells that are created from our own skin cells. We will be able to rejuvenate our organs in place by gradually replacing aging cells that contain genetic errors and short telomeres with cells containing our own DNA but without errors and with extended telomeres. Overall we will be adding more than a year every year to your own remaining life expectancy, which will represent a turning point in life extension.

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