Are you ready for 3D printed homes? Most of the industry is trying to wrap their arms around the advances that 3D printing offers for housing, thinking that it won't hit mainstream for at least a decade. And while they are resisting and/or waiting for this technology to peak, others are evolving it. This team from ETH Zurich have already created and are testing a completely digital process.

We've seen quite a few building projects recently that make use of robots or 3D printing tech, or both, but a bunch of professors from ETH Zurich are attempting to make the whole design and build process digital. Once constructed by robots, the three-storey DFAB House will be used to test smart home technologies.

The DFAB House is being developed at the NEST building in Dübendorf, near Zurich in Switzerland, by architects, robotics specialists, materials scientists, structural engineers and sustainability experts from ETH Zurich, together with industry partners including contractor Erne AG Holzbau. The three-storey home will be designed, planned and built using (mostly) digital techniques in an attempt to put a number of new lab-based technologies to real-world use.

"Unlike construction projects that use only a single digital building technology, such as 3D printed houses, the DFAB HOUSE brings a range of new digital building technologies together," said ETH professor Matthias Kohler. "This allows us to use the advantages of each individual method as well as their synergies, and express them architecturally."

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