You’ll hear that word a lot when discussing how to connect indoor and outdoor spaces.

Today’s homeowners desire a smooth transition between interiors and exteriors so that one space is a true extension of the other, and few materials help achieve this as well as manufactured stone veneer (MSV).

MSV adds a sense of depth, color and texture to any project. It’s also a key medium for translating the beauty of the natural world into the built environment, whether indoors or out.

Here are five reasons to consider MSV in your building projects:

1. Versatile: MSV is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and complements a range of materials such as wood, metal, glass and traditional masonry. This makes it an effective bridge between interiors and exteriors, carrying the same aesthetic from one area to the next.

With a variety of colors and textures available, design-build teams can create specific looks to match any style from modern or transitional, to rustic and traditional. And recent innovations in MSV are pushing the design envelope further. The advent of wood-look profiles replicates the texture and patina of natural wood while offering the durability and longevity of MSV.

What’s more, MSV is suitable for walls, columns, and even ceilings. This adaptability allows for creative and functional design implementations.

2. Modular: MSV is a lightweight, modular system that includes flats, corners, and trim pieces, ensuring a seamless fit and finish. This streamlines the installation process and helps achieve a professional look that can be applied over most structurally sound surfaces, including wood, concrete, and masonry. That’s why it’s a practical option for retrofitting existing structures while achieving an attractive ROI.

As with all building products, follow manufacturer guidelines and relevant codes to ensure proper application. It’s also advisable to work with a contractor who is certified by the Concrete Masonry + Hardscapes Association (CMHA).

3. Durable: The durability of MSV makes it a reliable choice for interior and exterior applications in different climates, able to withstand rain, snow, and UV exposure. And when it comes to maintenance, MSV has the edge over natural stone as it does not require sealing and only needs occasional cleaning with water and mild detergent.

4. Sustainable: MSV reduces the need for quarrying natural stone, which can have significant environmental impacts, including habitat destruction. By using alternative materials, MSV helps preserve natural stone resources. Also, the lighter weight of MSV compared to natural stone reduces the energy required for transportation, further decreasing its carbon footprint.

5. Cost effective: Homeowners who renovate their exteriors with MSV see a return on investment of 153%, according to Remodeling’s 2024 Cost vs Value Report. That places MSV among the top three projects that yield the highest ROI.

Westlake Royal Stone Solutions offers a variety of products to match a range of project budgets with the added benefit of lower installation costs. In addition, our brands have 50-year warranties, giving builders confidence in long-lasting interior and exterior applications.

Sarah Lograsso

As Director of Marketing and Product Management for Westlake Royal Stone Solutions, Sarah has successfully coupled her design talents with business acumen to refresh, refine and distinctly position five standout brands in the North American market and abroad. She continues to provide design direction for the brands’ variety of best-selling modern profiles and trend-forward color palettes while also developing tools and merchandising for the commercial success of the multi-brand portfolio. By delivering a steady stream of compelling articles, interviews and technical resources to the market, Sarah has also established herself as a subject matter expert and industry thought leader.