Adobe Stock's Heather Donahoe revisits the trends of Pinterest dreams—five to 10 years ago—and says it's time to bid adieu to top click-getters like word art and industrial kitchens.

Even the most beloved design elements can start to feel unbearably stale after a while.

“Some design trends come and go with dizzying speed," says New York City designer Ellen O'Neill. "Others seem to just hang around long past their sell-by date."

We won't tell you to ditch the stuff that speaks to your soul, changing trends be damned. But if you're itching for a design upgrade and aren't sure where to start, ask yourself if your home is sporting any of these looks that have worn out their welcome.

These are the design hangers-on the experts can't wait (please, oh, please) to ditch in 2019. Full disclosure: We've called out a few of these particularly persistent trends in previous years. Onward and upward!

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