Tesla's entrance into housing has seen many ups and downs during the past year. Their brand and passion for bleeding edge innovation demands excitement. This time, Tesla is trialing a tiny, solar powered home in Australia.

Australia enjoys a healthy does of sunshine for most of the year— in fact, it has the highest average solar radiation per square meter than any other continent on Earth, according to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. This makes the “Land Down Under” an ideal place for solar energy farms and home solar products.

However, while public demand for renewables are up, the Australian government has kept energy prices low to maintain reliance on coal. This has created a troublesome energy situation throughout most of the continent. Realizing, perhaps, that Australia needs to be more at home with solar energy, Tesla decided to put up what it calls the “Tesla Tiny House” — and it’s going to tour some of the major cities in the continent.

“Tesla is hitting the road across Australia in a tiny house powered by 100% renewable energy,” the company says on its website, as well as in a press release after launching the Tiny House on Sunday. Pulled by a Model X, the house features a Tesla mobile design studio so visitors can check out and learn how to set up their own Tesla solar and energy storage system.

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