With nearly half of U.S. households using smart-home technology, today’s buyer expects new homes to include convenient solutions they can interact with, whether it’s locking doors with a smartphone or dimming lights with voice commands.

Equipping homes with advanced technology is an effective way for builders to differentiate their product from the competition, but what does a smart home look like today? As the category of Wi-Fi-connected appliances and devices advances, it can be difficult to know if a home is cutting edge or a decade behind. That’s why we compiled five of the smartest home technologies that are turning heads in 2023:

1. Advanced security: Floodlight cameras and 24/7 monitoring go without saying, but the latest innovation in home security is the smart door. One advancement in this category are doors powered by the home and connected to Wi-Fi, like Masonite’s M-Pwr Smart Doors. With smart products integrated directly into the door, homeowners no longer have to depend on individual device batteries, and the sleek look elevates the style of the home. M-Pwr smart doors are made of premium fiberglass and constructed with the Masonite Performance Door System. Built-in LED motion lighting, a video doorbell, and a smart lock elevate homeowners’ sense of comfort, convenience, and security.

2. Home health: Many people are keeping a closer eye on their indoor air quality since COVID-19. That’s why demand for whole-home air purification and humidifiers has been on the rise. These appliances work in conjunction with a home’s HVAC system to eliminate airborne bacteria and keep humidity levels in check. High-tech versions feature Wi-Fi touchscreens and are compatible with voice-activated assistants.

3. Home office: With nearly 18% of people working from home, today’s buyers want to see floor plans that include dedicated workspaces that enhance productivity. Built-in work stations, upgraded technology packages, additional data/teleports, and USB charging outlets could attract the growing class of Zoom Town settlers.

4. High-tech kitchen: A microwave that sends your phone a notification when your meal is ready is a slick feature, but smart technology goes beyond appliances. The kitchen faucet is the latest fixture to get the smart treatment—tell it how much water you need and your desired temperature for hands-free operation.

5. Smart(er) thermostat: This might be the device that started the smart-home revolution. The latest generation of smart thermostats offers the same energy-saving features as previous models, such as remote operation and the ability to learn your preferences and daily routine, but also come with more bells and whistles. Remote sensors detect temperatures in other rooms to help maintain an even temperature throughout the home. Also, new models are voice-activated and integrate nicely into a smart-home hub.

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