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A good piece from Solar Power World reports on the difficulties builders will face once California's solar mandate takes effect. It includes interviews with executives from CBIA and Lennar Corp. illustrating the differences in strategy between smaller builders and the big publics.

The new home building industry will have to make some major adjustments once the California Energy Commission’s new rule requiring solar to be installed on all new homes takes effect in 2020. Solar contractors that can offer a streamlined and simple installation solution that won’t interrupt the new building process will likely be the preferred choice of builders.

The California Building Industry Association wasn’t thrilled about the solar mandate, but realized it was going to happen regardless. So the nonprofit group worked with the California Energy Commission on behalf of the building industry to make the transition to mandatory solar as painless as possible.

“We wanted to push down on the compliance cost, and we wanted to make sure there was as much design flexibility in the adopted rates as possible, and we did that,” said Bob Raymer, technical director for CBIA. “We had a number of requests to the energy commission. They basically worked with us to resolve all of our requests, and ultimately we were able to support the adoption of the standard.”

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