Uber's self-driving cars won't be plying Arizona roads again anytime soon, The Verge reports:

Uber has shuttered its self-driving testing program in Arizona and laid off close to 300 workers there, two months after one of its autonomous cars killed a pedestrian, the company said on Wednesday. The company had been testing its self-driving technology in the state since 2016, but halted operations in the wake of the March crash. The company’s testing was also indefinitely suspended by the Arizona governor’s office.

The crash is still currently being investigated by the Tempe police, as well as the National Transportation Safety Board. Uber reached a settlement with the family of the pedestrian, 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg, two weeks after the crash.

Uber says it still plans to restart its self-driving operations in other locations (like Pittsburgh or San Francisco) once the investigations into the Arizona crash are complete. But in those locations, Uber will “drive in a much more limited way,” according to an internal email obtained by ArsTechnica.

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