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Homeowners have always been concerned about the safety and security of their homes. With updates in smart-home technology, systems now not only help with everyday inconveniences, but they can significantly improve safety and security of today’s homes. Smart security cameras keep away unwanted guests, smart smoke detectors signal for more scenarios, and some smart tech is even helping older residents live in their homes longer. Check out more details on how smart tech can make a change in homeowners’ lives below.

Smart tech is making welcome changes in home security.
Before the proliferation of affordable smart technology and strong home Wi-Fi, not many people had access to effective home surveillance tools. Cameras were often ineffective at night — when many crimes occur — and even during the day yielded blurry, pixelized images. Today, police departments across the country regularly use crystal-clear images from the latest technology to identify and catch criminals or help corroborate the accounts of witnesses.

Families can rest easier and live more safely with smart technology.
Smoke detectors are a common fixture in most homes today. But did you know that there are two types of smoke alarms – ionization and photoelectric? Ionization alarms are more responsive to flaming fires, while photoelectric is more for smoldering fires. And what about carbon monoxide (CO) detection? Enter Nest Protect, a smarter smoke and CO alarm that detects both kinds of smoke/fires plus CO, and allows users to receive alerts on mobile devices detailing exactly what the problem is and where it was detected. Additionally, because the Protect constantly runs self-diagnostics on its sensors and battery, it alerts homeowners when the battery is running low. You’ll always know the status of the Nest Protect and can rest easy.

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