As home builders begin to equip all new homes with built-in smart devices, multiple parties will be able to benefit from the addition. Homeowners will have technological conveniences right in their home, technology companies will sell more products, and builders will be able to help their clients with a broader range of services. The Forbes Technology Council discussed additional ideas on how the collaboration between builders and tech businesses will evolve in the coming years. Check out their opinions below.

1. Many Will Build On The Opportunity
The latest developments in the business landscape are no less than an evolution in lifestyle. If customers are acclimated to one-word style shopping from Alexa, anyone who can figure out a way to hook into that opportunity will do so. This collaboration is so oriented around home life that builders, developers and anyone in the world of residential life are going to link up with Amazon smart tech. - Arnie Gordon, Arlyn Scales

2. Homes Are The New Cars
Automakers have seen a huge increase in profits and brand lock-in thanks to connected, in-car infotainment units. Home builders are taking a page from this book and have found a way to add a profit center to a traditionally thin margin industry. No longer do builders need to press for high-labor items like custom kitchens to increase prices — these low-cost, high-impact tech add-ons can boost profit. - Jason Gill, The HOTH

3. Technology Should Intersect With Every Sector
I am a strong believer that technology should and will intersect more with different sectors. We saw it in the travel industry (Tripadvisor), in restaurant-reservation services (OpenTable) and in e-commerce (Amazon). So there is no reason why we should not see it in housing with Alexa. I would even recommend the use of technology to make the house-building process more efficient. - Dr. Karin Lachmi, Bioz

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