ARCHITECT's Katy Keane shares this week's tech news higlights, including Elon Musk's Boring Company announcement that it has abandoned plans for a tunnel underneath the Los Angeles freeway and Sepulveda Boulevard that Musk first revealed in 2017. The controversial project had faced backlash from the community. In a response on Twitter, Musk implied that the project was merely a test tunnel. "This is completely backwards. Based on what we’ve learned from the Hawthorne test tunnel, we’re moving forward with a much larger tunnel network under LA. Won’t need a second test tunnel under Sepulveda." [Twitter]


At the AEC software company's annual Autodesk University conference, Autodesk showcased recent technologies to approximately 11,000 architecture, engineering, and construction professionals with hardly a pause, writes our reporter Terri Peters, to reflect on lingering issues, such as data sharing. [ARCHITECT]

In an effort to accelerate the productivity of the construction industry, Autodesk announced plans to acquire construction software platform PlanGrid. [ARCHITECT]

According to the Emissions Gap Report released by the United Nations this week, countries that had committed to cutting carbon emissions at the Paris Climate meeting in 2016 are falling well short of goals established. "The science is clear," said U.N. environment deputy executive director Joyce Msuya in a press release. "For all the ambitious climate action we’ve seen—governments need to move faster and with greater urgency. We’re feeding this fire while the means to extinguish it are within reach.” [United Nations]

HKS chief technology officer Cory Brugger, Assoc. AIA, asks, "How can technology best support design?" [ARCHITECT]

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