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Designed with direct buyer-to-builder transactions in mind, a new digital platform called Edgewise was developed to help buyers purchase new and in-the-works homes online. The new tool lets owners reserve lots, make and negotiate offers, pay deposits, upload financial documents, and make design choices in the “Design Studio.” A Philadelphia-based developer Streamline was one of the first builders to use the platform and says the technology has made buying new construction more accessible and more affordable for Americans.

“Technology has heightened the home buying process for the new construction consumer, giving buyers within any price point the opportunity to build their dream home,” Fletcher said. “Since adopting the Edgewise platform, home buyers, for the first time, are able to negotiate with Streamline and reserve homes directly from the builder online. Buyers can review and select units that meet their criteria while having the opportunity to customize their home through selecting finishes throughout.”

Streamline currently has about 30 projects on the platform. Including Streamline, Edgewise has about 30 builders and 60 current projects that span Austin, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia and Toronto.

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