Adobe Stock/"Hoda Bogdan"

A number of technology startups are playing catch-up in the construction sector as part of a wave of automation, slow to hit the construction sector at first.

Former Google engineer Noah Ready-Campbell launched Built Robotics to develop self-operating bulldozer, excavators, and other construction vehicles, AP News’ Terence Chea reports. A drone developed by Silicon Valley-based Kespry surveys more area in less time than traditional surveying, and generates detailed 3D maps from a larger body of data. Automation is unlikely to replace construction workers due to the industry’s chronic labor shortage, according to the report, but new training may be required. AP reports:

At Built Robotics, Ready-Campbell, the company’s founder and CEO, envisions the future of construction work as a partnership between humans and smart machines.

“The robots basically do the 80 percent of the work, which is more repetitive, more dangerous, more monotonous,” he said. “And then the operator does the more skilled work, where you really need a lot of finesse and experience.”

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