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Sotheby’s International Realty debuted Curate, a new augmented reality application that lets home buyers virtually stage a home to visualize its potential. Powered by RoOomy and built using ARCore, Google’s new augmented reality software platform, Curate transforms staging images from two-dimensional perspectives into adaptable three-dimensional scenes. Digital Trends reports:

Not only can the app easily turn staged images into AR objects for easier manipulation and better perspective, but it also boasts a selection of AR interior designs so that potential buyers can easily see what their house might look like with different styles.

Plus, with Curate’s screenshot capabilities, viewers can capture and store images of AR furniture sets for easy recall and potential purchasing down the line. In fact, the virtual home furnishings are interactive — if you click on an AR couch, you can check out more information about the product, as well as find a link to the retailer’s website. Of course, all furniture is shown to scale and provides accurate room dimensions so that seeing really is believing.

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