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With more of today’s upcoming seniors possessing more technological knowledge than their predecessors, smart home technology should allow many to continue to age in place. Fox Business’ Casey Dowd spoke with Bo Preising, CEO at Suitable Technology, Inc., to see what new technology will help this generation remain in their homes as they age. From voice-activated devices to video chatting capabilities, Preising gives his opinion below.

Installation of smart lighting with voice-activated controls provides active residents with bright environments throughout the home, while reducing energy costs. Voice controlled HVAC systems and phone systems eliminate the need to fiddle with dials or remember to turn on the heat or air conditioning. Bathrooms with railings, walk-in showers and heated floors provide reassurance and physical comfort.

Smart lighting can ensure that kitchens are brightly lit when in use, while turning off the lights afterwards. One of the primary dangers for elderly parents who live alone is the risk of fires related to cooking. The iGuardStove device works with either gas or electric stoves, reducing the potential for fires by automatically turning these appliances off after a set period of time.

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