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Smart ovens, phone-activated floodlights, voice-activated thermostats, and "smart" juicers are some of the innovations making waves in the smart home sphere. While some of these are expensive, rather impractical, and don't solve real problems of the home, there may be a new smart innovation that can have major benefits for homeowners. Smart HVAC, while not as eye-catching as a smart oven, can offer real benefits to the home, according to Fast Company.

[Manufacturer] Alea is launching its first product: a smart ventilation system equipped with 11 different sensors that gives homeowners control over the temperature in every room of their house at any given time. Because the system is connected to the cloud, it is constantly analyzing how the temperature in each room shifts throughout the day, and automatically adjusts the air flow to keep each space at the temperature that users prefer. Each smart vent, which looks similar to an HVAC grill you’d find in any home, has the sensors built into it.

It’s a smart use of technology to fix a problem that could have a real impact on our wallets. Unlike typical HVAC systems, which turn on in every room of your house even if you just want to cool down your bedroom, Alea Air’s smart vents close in rooms where you don’t want to direct the air flow, targeting only the rooms you do want to cool.

Alea Air's product may be the first of many to try and tackle the problem of smarter energy in homes. For homeowners who are conscious of both the world around them and their wallets, smart HVAC may be something for builders to consider down the road.

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