Dvele's Sedgmoore Home in Santa Rosa, California
Dvele Dvele's Sedgmoore Home in Santa Rosa, California

San Diego-based modular home producer Dvele has launched a new whole-home artificial intelligence system, DveleIQ, to be included as an integrated smart home platform in all future Dvele and Blu Homes.

According to Dvele, the DveleIQ system’s functions are designed to promote the health of the home, its occupants, and of the planet. "When we evaluated the market looking for a smart home partner, nothing aligned to our core tenets of occupant and planet health, so we decided to move the industry forward and build the first 100% integrated, intelligent, software-defined home, complementing our self-powered home product. Delivering our promise of quality of life through integrated intelligence," says Matt Howland, president of Dvele.


Each DveleIQ home will be equipped with over 300 real-time sensors, which will enable the system to learn, anticipate, and automate the needs of the home and occupant.

Applications include communicating maintenance needs before issues develop, maintaining environmental quality, and adjusting air circulation or temperature in anticipation of an occupant’s arrival.

"We set out to build the healthiest homes in the world for our occupants and the planet. In order to do that, we had to innovate,” says Kurt Goodjohn, founder and CEO of Dvele. "We've found that through software and embedded intelligence, not only can we deliver healthier homes today, but they will continue to evolve and improve tomorrow. What this means for our owners, is that they will have a home that is more enjoyable, healthier, and more valuable in time.”