Adobe Stock / Alexander Kolomietz

Going to the drone show? That's what some people will be doing on July 4th this year, owing to the danger of wildfires. USA Today reports:

Get in the car, kids. It's time to see the Fourth of July drone show.

Towns in California, Colorado and Arizona — facing another season of drought and wildfire — are turning to drone shows as a less dangerous alternative to organized fireworks, encouraged by the development of jaw-dropping, choreographed shows like the one Intel prepared for the Winter Olympics broadcast.

Travis Air Force Base outside San Francisco, just an hour south of the Yolo and Napa county fires forcing evacuations, is trying an Intel drone show this year. Aspen and towns in Arizona — which had shelved fireworks shows because of fire risk — are also experimenting with drone shows.

These displays have wowed viewers with their animated displays of hundreds of tiny, LED-sporting drones. But a trade group for pyrotechnics maintains: They're nothing without the 'Boom!'

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